• 2017-2018 RPEF Trustees

    The Ramsey Public Education Foundation is delighted to announce its 2017-2018 Board of Trustees.  We are thankful to those who volunteer their time and talents to help enhance the educational experience in the Ramsey public schools.  This group is already hard at work planning exciting events and fundraising programs and looks forward to your continued support.

    Melissa Young-Crozet ~ President
    Virena Rossi ~ Vice President
    Deana Mazzilli – Secretary
    Robyn Jaffe – Treasurer
    Chris Martin ~ Legal
    Kate Bingham
    Sarah Comstock
    Lauren Gelber
    Ann Graceffo
    Stefanie Greenberg
    Kristine Grieco
    Regina Hartley Kilman
    Bahar Hawkesworth
     Adina Kahn
     Jen Lepori
     Rosh Lyle
     Yvonne Maciag
    Chris McLaughlin
    Andrea Pellicciari
     Mona Patel
     Michelle Paullo
    Diane Rhee Lee
    Lauren Schreiber
     Laura Spiegelman
    Becky Steckelman
    Holly Turner
    Tiffany Turetzky
    Associate Trustees
    Monica Heffernan
    Maureen Nelson
     Jennie Park Taylor

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