faqQ. What is the Ramsey Public Education Foundation?

A. The Ramsey Public Education Foundation is a private 501(c)3, non-profit foundation run by elected volunteers from Ramsey and Saddle River.

Q. What is our purpose?

A. Our purpose is to fund enrichment programs, projects, technology, and materials for the five Ramsey public schools.  We achieve this goal by planning and executing fundraising events throughout the year.

Q. Aren’t my taxes paying for public school programs?

A. The State of New Jersey legislation mandates certain programs that must be paid for out of local budgets. These mandates have the effect of limiting the “enriching” programs that provide additional benefits for our children. Our purpose is to help provide some of those important extras.

Q. How can I make a donation to the Foundation?

A. Click our “Donate” button. To donate via PayPal, simply follow the instructions on the page. You may choose a suggested donation amount or choose your own amount by using the topmost “Donate” button. You may also print out our Fall Mailing Letter, and return the bottom portion with your check.

Q. What happens after the Foundation receives my donation?

A. As donations are raised each year, money is allocated for approved grants after thorough review by the Board of Trustees.  Money not allocated for school grants that year is invested in a trust fund for future funding.

Q. Who decides how the funds are allocated?

A. The Foundation Grant committee receives requests from school administrators and teachers. These requests are then presented to the trustees for approval. The programs that are funded must enhance the students’ educational experience and should reach as many students as reasonably possible. The foundation grants gifts to each of the Ramsey schools each year, although the amount given to each school does not have to be equal.  The Foundation may also fund district-wide programs requested by the Superintendent of Schools and the Office of Special Services, and Innovative Educator projects proposed by individual teachers.

Q. Who are the trustees?

A. Approximately twenty trustees, from Ramsey and Saddle River, manage the Foundation on a volunteer basis. Each trustee serves a three-year term, to allow for new ideas to help the foundation evolve. In addition, members of the community may donate their time to serve on various committees throughout the year.

Q. How do I contact the Ramsey Public Education Foundation?

You may contact RPEF through the “Contact Us” section on this website or by email at: RPEF@RamseyPEF.org, or by U.S. mail at: Ramsey Public Education Foundation, P.O. Box 244, Ramsey, New Jersey 07446.

Q. How can I get involved?

A. Each Spring, RPEF seeks new members to join our Board of Trustees.  If you are interested in sharing your time and talents to help us succeed in our goals, please contact us to learn more about the commitment and the selection process.

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