• Mr. Matteo camps out at Dater!

    IMG_4744During a very tight race for school participation in RPEF’s 3rd Annual Sprint for our Schools in May, Mr. Matteo, Dater School Principal, made a promise to his students.  If Dater pulled out the participation win, he would camp overnight on Dater’s field.  Dater did have the highest participation of all schools, thereby winning the extra $1000 RPEF grant!  So, last night, Mr. Matteo set up his tent and fulfilled his promise.  He seems to have fared well thanks to a spacious and decked out tent and many visitors who stopped by to wish him well and to bring him various snacks and drinks.  Hope the raccoons stayed away!

    Congratulations and thank you to the students and teachers of Dater school, Mr. Matteo,  and all who supported the RPEF’s Sprint for Our Schools!

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