we-heart-copyEach Spring, The Ramsey Public Education Foundation looks for new members for our Board of Trustees. We seek smart, dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers who enjoy working in a cooperative and supportive group.  Your time and talents will be truly appreciated and will prove to be very rewarding.

The RPEF is comprised of Trustees and Associate Trustees.  One must serve first as a Trustee for the term of 3 years.  If after that 3 year period, a Trustee would like to  contribute to the foundation in a limited more specific area, he or she is welcome to remain on the board as an Associate Trustee.

How Long is the term for an RPEF Trustee?  The Foundation asks for a 3-year commitment from its Trustees.

What is the time commitment?  The board meets once a month (September through June) in the evening for approximately 2 hours.  In addition to meetings, trustees work individually, in small groups, and as a collective to plan, organize, and conduct our events.  Trustees are involved in every aspect of running the RPEF organization and there are many ways to get involved while serving on the board.  Therefore, your time commitment depends, to a certain extent, on your level of involvement.

What are the RPEF events?  The two major annual RPEF events are “Ladies Night Out” in mid-October, and “Sprint for Our Schools” 5K and Fun Run in mid-May.  RPEF holds smaller events throughout the year and we are always open to new ideas for events.

What is the workload as a trustee?  Leading up to our two major events, the workload is greater and all trustees are required to solicit businesses to support and sponsor our events.  The workload outside of these events is significantly less and will depend on your committee involvement.  Many RPEF trustees have full-time jobs and are able to fulfill their RPEF duties without interrupting their work schedules.

What are the benefits of being on the RPEf board?  Contributing to innovative new and existing programs for the Ramsey public schools means that our children and the community as a whole benefit greatly.  Working with a varied group of dynamic, creative, dedicated, and intelligent individuals is highly rewarding.  The positive feedback we receive from the schools and community at large inspires trustees to go the extra mile with a great sense of camaraderie.

If you are interested in joining the Ramsey Public Education Foundation, speak to any trustee or message us below, and look for our Application on this webpage in late winter/early spring.


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